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December, 2004

By- tsgirlfriend4me@gmail.com

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Subject: (no subject)
Date: 12/29/2004 9:48:58 P.M. Pacific Standard Time
From: Deleted
To: tsgirlfriend4me@gmail.com

Hi, my name is Tom, and after reading, I now know I am bi. Wow, I just wanted to say thank you. That information was not only reader friendly but the insight was amazing. You deserve a huge round of applause.

Subject: Hi
Date: 12/27/2004 4:35:53 P.M. Pacific Standard Time
From: Deleted
To: tsgirlfriend4me@gmail.com


Very nice website. It was great reading and made me feel good that there are sites out there, that actually help us men to properly treat a TS. Thank you.


Subject: The article
Date: 12/25/2004 10:57:07 P.M. Pacific Standard Time
From: Deleted
To: tsgirlfriend4me@gmail.com

Thank you for the article, it was very informative. I work at a local Blockbuster Video store and one of my regular customers happens to be a post-op. I was very interested in asking her out before I knew her situation, and have been unsure as to how I should proceed since learning about her from a co-worker who just so happened to have gone to high school with her. Your article has shed some light on how I should approach her and how to treat her. I just want to thank you for your help in this matter, as I will be putting this information to good use in the coming weeks as I approach her. Thanks, again.


Subject: don't know?
Date: 12/24/2004 10:51:44 P.M. Pacific Standard Time
From: Deleted
To: tsgirlfriend4me@gmail.com

Merry Christmas. I am lost. Major feelings are coming out of me and I don't know where to go. I found out a long time ago what turns me on. I can't find anyone, nobody at all. And on top of that, I haven't told anyone how I feel.

I have only been sexually active 30 days out of the last five years. Hey, my experience with the opposite sex is bad, and I have no experience at all with the better sex. I am lost, surrounded by people who don't know where I am, and I can't speak a word of English.

Lost? I ain't even there. The beauty of having the best of both worlds demands respect, love and a devotion that I know I must find love. Sex is only a gift from love yet to be. Now someone has a view of me from within. Wow, I just learned from myself. You already helped. Thanks.

Subject: got alot to learn
Date: 12/17/2004 9:38:48 A.M. Pacific Standard Time
From: Deleted
To: tsgirlfriend4me@gmail.com


Thanks for such an informative website. I realize I have much to learn about the TS world.

Any other articles or advise would be appreciated.

Sincerely yours,


Subject: Ask some questions about the rules
Date: 12/8/2004 8:36:23 A.M. Pacific Standard Time
From: Deleted
To: tsgirlfriend4me@gmail.com


I'm a new member to the group. I just wanted to tell you how thrilled I am to have found this group! I realize that the group has some strict rules and I think that is a very good policy. So many of the other groups are so distastefull, It's so refreshing to have finally found a group that treats the ladies with the class they so dearly deserve.

I just have a few questions to ask you:

1. Since I currently don't have my profile in AOL, is it required that I do so? Or is the profile that I have with someone else OK to use? (I should tell you if can believe it, using the Net is kind of new to me, so please don't be surprised by some of my questions).
2. When you do get permission to connect with a certain lady, how do you go about sending a Private Message to her?
3. Are you allowed to check someone's profile without asking first, and if so, how do you check a profile?
4. Is a picture required in your profile? If so, I have no idea how to do that, could you please explain to me how to do it?
5. What is Paypal?

Thank you very much,


Subject: Re: Can you help
Date: 12/5/2004 10:56:49 A.M. Pacific Standard Time
From: Deleted
To: tsgirlfriend4me@gmail.com

Hi there.

I have just come out of a six-year relationship with a very good guy. I found out some time ago that he liked to dress as a woman and instead of running away, I supported him and even did his makeup, etc. Then it got to the stage that he as he wanted more, he wanted a relationship with somebody like himself and obviously, I couldn't stay in a relationship with him.

I am still his friend and have suggested that he try to make contact with somebody who has the same desires. I feel that he needs to explore his sexuality whatever it may be and have said that if he doesn't, he won't be able to move on in life. He doesn't know how to go about meeting somebody and I do not have the information to help him. He doesn't have a computer and that is why I am writing to you in the hope that you may be able to put me in the right direction.

Thank you for reading this email. I appreciate your time .



Subject: Letters Posted
Date: 12/1/2004 3:49:00 A.M. Pacific Standard Time
From: Deleted
To: tsgirlfriend4me@gmail.com


It's refreshing (and was surprising for me) to find a website like yours which, from everything I've read there (and I've read everything there!), appears to be more concerned with offering something of real value to those in the world who are on this search for a true relationship outside the mainstream -- and offering it for free, no less. A great heart, I'd say....


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