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December, 2007

By- tsgirlfriend4me@gmail.com

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Subject: What a Great Column
Date: 12/18/2007 12:20:27 P.M. Pacific Standard Time
From: Deleted
To: tsgirlfriend4me@gmail.com

I laughed and laughed at your column, it was hilarious because it was true and to the point. I am married to a TS woman in which I married as a man but love for her heart and soul. I guess I really already knew, but got it confused at first as her being gay, which she is, but she is a lesbian. LOL I just hate how the world thinks of beautiful people like my wife. She is so caring, sensitive, and loving and we never would have made it as women and man honestly because it's hard to find a good man out there.

Your column truly inspired me and I would love to know of some support groups my wife and I could try. There aren't very many wives who stay with their significant other after the news, so I feel a little left out, I guess. My wife is miserable with that awful part we must not mention and cries all the time to be who she should be. I hate it for her because we live in the Bible Belt with too much at stake to come out. A business, college, a three-year-old, etc. so we will be moving to Massachusetts soon because we have a lot of support there.

Thanks for the column it was great and true.


Subject: (no subject)
Date: 12/4/2007 10:24:31 P.M. Pacific Standard Time
From: Deleted
To: tsgirlfriend4me@gmail.com


I have been impressed with your site and the level of information located in it. I am a straight (at least 99%) male who has been on a few dates in the Chicago area with a few transexual women. I was just looking for some insight or education and would like to sign up a new user account for your chat room. I can't seem to find the link to create a new user account.

What I am looking for in signing up would be to maybe get answers to a few questions (which I wouldn't rudely do off the bat), or maybe get a greater understanding into what I may be doing wrong in my life. The problem is that I am meeting TS women whose company I enjoy. We seem to be having a great start, then the conversation turns to money. I would love to be able to meet someone who likes me for being me, and not what I could give them, although I would under the right circumstances. Bottom line, I'm looking for something greater than an escort or one-night stand.

Example: I met what I thought was a great person, I really enjoyed her company, and thought we were having a really great night. We went to dinner, a movie, then for a walk. The conversation then turned to money. She said if I wanted to go home with her, it would cost me X dollars. Not only was I extremely hurt, but offended by the statement. I always look to mysef first in what I may be doing wrong. That is why I would like to join a chat room, not necessarily to find someone, but for some insight into finding someone right for me in real life. This example has come up more than once. I feel I may be looking in the wrong places, yet don't know what the right places are.

Thank you for your time,


You need to screen these dates in advance and stay away from the hookers. All the TS's I know very much want to blend into society as "regular" women. They don't wish to be identified. The only ones who do are the hookers or porn performers whose income depends on the novelty of sex (in real life or on video) with such a person. Have you signed up at TS Match Transsexual Dating?

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