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December, 2010

By- tsgirlfriend4me@gmail.com

Our TGirls Letters section is devoted to feedback we receive. The most recent letters appear at the top.

Subject: Bye.
Date: 12/31/2010 6:10:40 P.M. Pacific Standard Time
From: Deleted
To: tsgirlfriend4me@gmail.com

I wrote a blog that pissed off a lot of people so I decided to leave the site. I have been reading some of your articles, they are good. Thanks


Subject: Pst-op dating.
Date: 12/27/2010 11:14:36 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time
From: Deleted
To: tsgirlfriend4me@gmail.com

Dear Nikki,

Am I responding to something you wrote in 2003, about men being more/less attracted to a post-op? Count me among more, for the reasons you mention. But mostly one big other one: I'm REAL straight. Penises do nothing for me but get in the way.

Despite my experience with Tgirls (would you believe 38 years worth of experience?), until recently I wasn't aware that most men like Tgirls because they like to suck cocks. Duh.

Why do they turn me on? I'm a pussy man, all the way. Well, tits and ass too, and they do have those.

Well, it gets down to my saying: It's not the equipment, it's the attitude.

I sometimes wonder, how rare does that make me? Also, does it make me less desirable to Tgirls? I always thought, maybe naively, that what they wanted was a so-called "real" man. And real men don't suck cocks (an expression, not an opinion).


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