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March, 2004

By- tsgirlfriend4me@gmail.com

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Subject: Great Thoughts
Date: 3/30/2004 5:08:49 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: Deleted
To: tsgirlfriend4me@gmail.com

Just read your How to Date a Transsexual Woman and I think you've covered all the salient points very accurately. I am a 44-year-old white male that has been involved with several TG women (escorts and non-pro) and well as GGs, and you brought into clearer focus some of the attractions I've felt over the years. I personally don't think an attraction to their male organs indicates a reduced seriousness about their femininity (I've enjoyed being topped by GGs as well as TGs), but to each his own.

I'd be interested in knowing some more about the author. I'm guessing you are not 25. You are more introspective and eloquent about this topic than most of the TGs or GGs or men I've met. Is there a reason for that (for example psychoanalytical training)? Are you living in a tolerant part of the country? I'm in the SF Bay Area.

Good work. And it was important someone say it as clearly as you did.


Subject: Your article on dating a pre-op transsexual woman
Date: 3/29/2004 9:19:39 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: Deleted
To: tsgirlfriend4me@gmail.com

Thank you so much for sending me your article. As a pre-op transsexual
woman, I agree with everything in your article. It is so important to be
received and addressed as a woman.



Subject: Hello from Thailand!
Date: 3/24/2004 9:34:30 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: Deleted
To: tsgirlfriend4me@gmail.com

Hello, everyone!

This is my first chance to get to a computer with the Internet, so I apologize for keeping everyone in the dark. This computer is a little slow in connecting to the some of my email and messenger accounts, so I'll do my best in getting out my messages to everyone as soon as I can.

My surgery was on March 19th, and I'm now six days post-op. I'm recovering very well and there have been no complications. I have a very minor allergic reaction, they say, but it is only a slight rash on my body. No worries! Dr. Suporn said the surgery went well, and it only took 5.5 hours. I actually remember vaguely being wheeled out of the OR right after surgery! I was on my own feet later that evening, and I spent four days in the hospital. It was quite lonely, and I had a hard time breathing through my nose due to the swelling. I currently wear a forehead and nose splint or cast to protect my forehead, mainly. It is funny seeing people stare in wonder at the cast! LOL.

I didn't eat for several days after surgery -- I just wasn't hungry. But I drank a LOT of water, something like six litres, I'm sure. On each day post-op, Dr. Suporn came to visit me to check on my progress. He said that I don't have a lot of swelling in comparison to other patients, and my quick recovery is due to me being young and strong. Yay, me! Dr. Suporn said that when all the swelling goes down, I will still have the same face -- all he did was soften my features, he added in his own words. I have had peek at my forehead when he removed the cast momentarily: Wow! My forehead is undeniably female, but the sutures along my scalp make me look like the Bride of Frankenstein! LOL. My chin and nose are going to be swollen the longest, and I do have and will have numbness on the button of my chin and the front of my scalp for months, but that is normal. The nerves will most likely regenerate, but there are no gaurentees. That came with the surgery, but it doesn't worry me.

Yesterday, a nurse's brother, Heng, took me to the ancient capital of Thailand, Ayutthaya -- just a hour or so from Bangkok. It was so lovely! Heng was like my personal guide and we went to see ancient ruins and Bhuddist temples and even wandered around one of the Thai Royal family's estates! I took a lot of pictures, so I'll have to send them to everyone once I return home. I must have been dehydrated, although I was drinking a lot of water -- the heat and humidity is stiffling here! We are in the hot season and temperatures are around 35C all day long. I vomitted a couple times, but after I had fruit and a couple of slushies, I felt a lot better. I guess not eating for several days after surgery has left me a little weak in that regard, but I'm okay. I'm still catching up on sleep, but I'm sleeping well lately. Overall, I'm doing very well.

I see Dr. Suporn this coming Saturday, and I think it is then I will have my sutures and staples removed. Wannee, the nurse that has been seeing me the most, says that my wounds are healing very well. After the visit to the clinic, I'm going to a couple of local attractions: A tiger zoo and maybe an aqaurium. Next week, I will be staying a week in Pattaya, a very well-known resort town, and apparently very pretty! Wannee is helping me plan an intinerary to see other parts of the country too, so this is turning out to be very fascinating adventure!

I'll be in touch as often as possible. I'm in good hands and can't wait to see everyone once I'm back home. Love to all, and take care.



--Alissa xoxoxox.

Subject: TS admirers
Date: 3/20/2004 11:00:59 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: Deleted
To: tsgirlfriend4me@gmail.com


I recently read your article about transsexual admirers and couldn't agree more. I'm a M2F pre-op transsexual, 43, who has been living and working as a female for about 20 years now, and I have yet to meet one through a personals ad that was worthwhile.

Not long ago, I received one who was in a relationship with a woman and had a child, who kept telling me he would send a picture of himself only if I promised not to show it to anyone because he was well known in the community (Lake Charles, La.) and he didn't want anyone to know he was associated with someone like me. When I disregarded him, he sent me a nasty email for ignoring him, telling me I should "act like a man" and let him know what was going on with me. I hate to admit it, but I then sent him an email giving him the email address of a TG site thinking (and hoping) he would meet up with a tranny there that would trick-roll him, knowing he would be too embarrassed and afraid to go to the police and report a crime like that. I've heard some TS's do that.

I'm still grateful my experiences weren't as bad as others'. I knew this TS in Texas who met a guy, and once there, he refused to be seen with her in public saying she was an embarrassment who looked like a man in drag. He told her there would be no way to explain the situation if he ran into someone he knew. He would be branded a homosexual and become a laughingstock in his community. She was forced to return home the next day. Some months later, she met someone else and he pretty much did the same thing to her.

It almost makes you want to "pass" and lie to people, but then you think of Brandon Teena, etc. So maybe that isn't such a good thing.



Subject: dating t-girls - an experience I've had to live with
Date: 3/3/2004 9:37:50 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: Deleted
To: tsgirlfriend4me@gmail.com


I met a vivacious women at a disco back in 1979 when my wife and I were separated. Giovonna was everyman's dream and we quickly became intimate except for actual intercourse. When she told me one day her sexual gender, I about walked away from what I thought was a meaningful relationship but didn't. Although we stopped dating on a very regular basis, we remained friends with both of us obviously emotionally involved.

Reuniting with my wife after several months' separation, when she was ready to go back work, I referred her to the same company where Giovonna worked as a salesperson. After being interviewed twice, Carol was hired to be one of the company's several service writers and dispatchers.

Unbeknownst to me, Giovonna met Carol the first day and over the course of several weeks the two of them began to be friendly. It was when Giovonna invited Carol to go with her to disco one night I discovered they had met and had become friends.

In fact, Giovonna had given Carol one of her disco dance outfits and a pair of shoes to wear the night they and several other gals went dancing. Needless to say, Carol got right into it thus started our weekly trek to the disco on Saturday nights.

At the time, I was working for a major company as a district real estate manager, which required my finding sites in selected territories to purchase, lease and permit for eventual construction of business locations. The job required my being away from home sometimes for as much as two weeks.

To make the story shorter, in my absence Carol became more friendly with Giovonna as they were spending more time together in my absence. One thing must of led to another over time because thet two of them became intimate openly and routinely hugging each other all the time. Fact was they were also kissing each other first on the cheek and then on the lips on a few occassions that I knew about. That's what caused the house to fall down.

From what Carol had told me, one day while fooling around on our bed apparently with each being almost nude having changed clothes or something, Giovonna apparently somehow seduced then penetrated Carol in her moment of passion and weakness. It that weren't bad enough, Carol had allowed it and apparently liked Giovonna enough to have started a romantic relationship.

When it came out Carol was making love with Giovonna, a women with a penis it, was too much for me and thus caused our already fragile marriage relationship to break apart. Hence we divorced. Eventually Giovonna and Carol went their separate ways and I have no idea where either is today.

Ever since, I've been intrigued by transsexuals being attracted to them. However, after moving to Central California several years ago from the East Coast, I've not come in contact with any of them. I'm now 58 years old, semi-retired. At 5' 11" weighing 228 pounds, in good physical condition, it might be interesting connecting with with someone that's chosen this gender identification again.

That's it,


Subject: Hello I'm a female
Date: 3/3/2004 1:09:05 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: Deleted
To: tsgirlfriend4me@gmail.com

Hello, I'm a female. I'm attracted to TS's. I have known this for years now but can't do anything about it. Most TS's are attracted to males so how can I find that special TS, or should I give up?


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