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March, 2013

By- tsgirlfriend4me@gmail.com

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From: Deleted
To: tsgirlfriend4me@gmail.com
Sent: 3/24/2013 11:16:45 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time
Subj: Very good advice.

I have dated a few TS girls and like any women, it's about a connection. Being 42 but looking 30, I tend to date younger girls. That's another issue, not many 22-year-olds want someone almost double their age. But I am all the things a woman wants, I have been told.

My last two girlfriends have been great. The current one maybe the last. We have a connection neither one can explain. All the advice you give is exactly how I treat a date or girlfriend. The interesting thing is, she is a part-time escort. Once I got over that, and realized I am the exact same in what I do for a living (sales manager), my dating life exploded. In my world, I treat a lady like a lady.

One thing I really like about most TS girls is they will get protective of you, and not just in a jealous way. Example, last night while dancing at a salsa club, an attractive, well-dressed GG was flirting too much with me and ordered a few drinks on my tab. When leaving, Maria, picked up the check and brought it to me. She just had a sense something was not right, and the flirty lady had added two $15 drinks to my bill.

Since it's a dance club, you pay your bill once a month. Maria pointed it out to the bartender, who took them off the check. She then asked to see the entire month's charges, and guess what? There were many wrong charges. Lesson learned, either I wear my reading glasses or let Maria handle the fine print, which was her suggestion and I am cool with it.

Maria, knowing my fear of women being too young for me, leveled the field late last night when she said, as a single woman, with no family left and not many friends, that she is totally in love with me and never wants to lose me. I was stunned. I told her I feel the same way, but don't want someone I love to use the age card.

After that, we made love, which was numbing, mind blowing and a total connection. We have been dating one year. Yes she was and is a escort but guess what, she is a beautiful person doing what she needs to do to survive, and after we pick out our rings Monday (she did say yes), I plan on telling her that her work is her choice. But as a couple, she does not have to that. Instead, I suggested, let's pool our money (I make more then enough) and she can start managing it.)

My advice to guys is this, a TS is a girl, they take better care of themselves then most GG's, they are stylish, if they can avoid the meat market clubs, they will, they have a few quirks like all women, namely the obsession with shoes, and they make better lovers (but I am biased). We will have to leave Florida because we want to be married in all ways. I can live in a few states were it is recognized, so we are moving. Her fear, is I will leave her and she will have nothing, As a legal spouse, she will have more rights and protections that make her feel more comfortable.

A TS is a woman. Am I gay? Nope, I don't like being with guys, as for kids, well that will be tougher, but I have or will get a good lawyer to help. One final observation is that a TS, when in love, at least in my experience, is sooo over protective, and being a foster kid, I love that!!!

--Harry D.

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