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September, 2004

By- tsgirlfriend4me@gmail.com

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Subject: advice needed
Date: 9/23/2004 9:29:47 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: Deleted
To: tsgirlfriend4me@gmail.com

Hey , ya'll~

Long story short (sorta):

I had been thinking about relocating to the Charleston, SC, area, and was looking for my cousin's profile, when I came across this profile of this most lovely lady...sent her an email stating that she was definitely aiding my decision in relocating back home. We emailed back and forth a few times, chatted online.

She seemed vaguely familiar, and then one day I happened to catch a rerun of the Oprah show, and there she was. I had no idea that she was a transsexual, it was never brought up, not in her profile, I had NO clue! I brought it up in a later email, complimenting her on her bravery for such a public appearance. I guess she freaked out, and I have not heard from her since.

OK, I cannot say that her being a TS is a non-issue, but it seems to be a bigger issue for her than it is for me. Eventually this subject would have had to come up if we had met; me, hey, I have to confront issues as I see them arise.

Anyway, is this a normal reaction? Or should I just accept that she has other issues far more dire than just TSism? And you other girls, I am sure that there are other men like me out there, no experience with transsexuals, not "chasers" as you refer to them (trolls?), who are perfectly willing to have a relationship. I only ask, before you put yourselves out there, that you work on those other issues that may further marginalize you.



Subject: looking for a Japanese TS
Date: 9/15/2004 1:20:17 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: Deleted
To: tsgirlfriend4me@gmail.com

I'm Camellia who is a new member . I have read your menu, got impressed, and got some knowledge. How sincere you are!

Let me introduce myself. I live in Japan and a male Japanese. Truly speaking, I have been missing the chances to get marry, only to attain the age of 54, which lays a handicap on me. So, if there is a woman who feels handicapped because of her being TS, I would like to have a chance to date. If we can have the same tastes, etc., I will want to ask her for marriage. Under age 40 is preferred.

I live in a middle-size city. Have my own house. I swear that I don't have any trouble, any debt, but have some extra mony. I have a sincere character . Have graduated from a most prestigious university in Japan. Keeping myself busy by managing a private business.

You are writing TS has no pussy. Others say some TS have them. Which is correct?

Regetably to say, In the page of "Transsexual Relationships," I can't find any Japanese pre-op TS's. If I can have information of her who lives in Japan, how happy I am. Your information will be appreciated, and according to its contribution to me, I would like to make some donation to this society. Looking forward to your reply.

Subject: hello
Date: 9/13/2004 10:30:24 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: saiyanmatt21@yahoo.com
To: tsgirlfriend4me@gmail.com

Well, where do I start? I am, and have always been, attracted to women and do not find other males attractive. However I have experimented and and have had no better orgasm then when it is anal induced. I love the thought of a woman who is more than a women (in my eyes) with a dick.

I do not show any traits of a gay man 'cause the thought of sex with a man turns me off completely. Not only do TS's excite me, but I am mesmerized by their beauty their femininity, but as you have stated, a TS is interested in being the bottom because it completes them as much as thay can with out the "plumbing," as you put it. I would not mind going out and making something more as time progresses and advances as it does with a GG.

Ever since I reached sexual maturity, I have not felt completed even after I have sex with a GG. I am not bi curious or bi. I am in another category of some kind. I do not know what to do, where to search, I do not want an escort for a one-night fling, I want to belong to a TS as she will belong to me in a relationship sense, but at the same time I want to be the bottom but at the same time I want to be the man in the relationship. I know it contradicts each other hence my problem. I have a hard time even meeting TS women except for over the Internet. I am sorry to bother you with my problems. any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks so much for your time.


Subject: thank you for your insight
Date: 9/10/2004 5:14:03 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: Deleted
To: tsgirlfriend4me@gmail.com


I am a man and I have always been excited by TS women.I am not a gay male or bi and I have not had the chance to go out with a TS woman all though I have always wanted to, just never knew where to meet them, even as a teenager.

Through reading your story [How to Date the Pre-Op Transsexual Woman] I now understand why I get so excited. It is true a TS woman is very feminine, I just love that. A TS wants to be a woman to enjoy being a woman to be loved as a woman. I miss that in a GG, to use your term. I had been married to a GG for 17 years ( now diviorced) and I have four grown doughters. And It seems to me that being a woman is taken for granted by them, including the ex. By that I mean they don't work at being a woman, they miss the excitement, the joy of being a woman, I guess because they are (please, not taking anything from TS women with that statement), if that makes sense. I have seen TS women and have always thought how beautiful they are and how exciting they were to see.

To me, a woman is the greatest thing ever created, for a lot of reasons. Your article has gotten me to understand why I have felt the way I have in only a way a guy could understand. Thank you.

I have a question, how can I post an ad and find someone for me? I can now finally in my life seek a woman that excites me and share the rest of my life. Thanks again for the understanding and any help you can offer.


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